Monday, 6 February 2012

Loose Fit - Baggy Clothing and Madchester Fashion

First we had the Roses reform, now the Mondays and Carpets have done the honourable thing and reunited.  So with the early 90s music resurfacing surely its time to do away with all the slim, skinny and custom fit bollocks, and get a bit of a loose fit and bring back the baggy.

I'm fed up of all the tight fitting gear everyone seems to be wearing, parrot heads in skintight tees and pants with fucking plimsoles. Even at the footie a lot of lads are wearing slim denim and no one can deny that top end gear has gotten a lot more 'fitted'. Myself being a larger gent I despise slim gear - mainly because I look exactly what I am. A fat cunt. As Alan Partridge once said - it's well concealed in casual clothing, but you don't want to see me in my underpants.
Burning Money

I'm not telling everyone to go out and buy Manchester based clothes as Gio-Goi, Joe Bloggs and Henri Lloyd are far from my cup of E, but there was some decent gear floating around back then, made iconic by the bands wearing it - Ian Brown's Paul Smith 'Burning Money' tee (above) was immortalized in 'Fools Gold', and was deemed worthy enough by those Connoisseur lads to do a remake of with subbuteo figures some 20 years later.

Brands like Stone Island and Ralph Lauren made it big in UK around that time and are still around today - a nice old school Stoney sweatshirt can be picked up off eBay for a few bob, or Raffs classic Polo (a size too big) with a cagoule, Kangol bucket hat, loose jeans and hiking boots would look the part. Or do what some football going lads did at the time, and turn their back on the whole labels thing and go for the 'under a-fiver jivers' - namely cheap loose tee shirts from fruit of the loom and the like. I can probably do with out that floral hippy thing, but some stonewashed denim with an oversized polo (with a classic chest pocket) would sit well with me.
Reni & Mani

 Anyway I think it's definately worth a shout, looking back to go forwards as has happened countless times. Flared jeans and baggy Polos are already in my wardrobe selection, because being hefty it's a necessity, and everyone else just needs to realise that it's What the World is Waiting for. Fuck the neatness and clean lines of selvedge jeans and custom fit tops - when I go see the Mondays in Newcastle in May it'll be a Loose fit. Come on Baggy get with the beat.




  1. Baggy and loose fit fine (and the great music) but for god sake no return of flares please

  2. Nice Baggy style!! its nice and comfortable, it gives you a simple and sophisticated look. my brother will definitely buy this soon.
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