Wednesday, 16 September 2015

Bergan Bargain

Always been a fan of Norway. They used to give Hartlepool loads of players back in the 1990s. A lasting memory of this second Viking invasion was Jan Ove Pedersen netting against Darlo, prompting burly blokes dancing down the terracing clad in daft plastic horned helmets.

The players were good. But the novelty Norse inspired hattage not so much. However the Norwegians fared much better in the fashion stakes with this wintry gem. Bergans of Norway have been making quality jackets since the war, protecting the wearer against the harsh Scandinavian climate but not against Nazi bullets. This one arrived from our North Sea neighbours via vintage stockist Too Hot for a bargain price and in Hartlepool United royal blue as well...

Thursday, 3 September 2015

Pools v Sheffield United (JPT)

Victoria Park. Under the lights. Ten quid in. Pie (balti). Pint. Another one. Usual spot. Love terracing. JPT. 7pm KO. Sheffield United.  We're 3-5-2. Four minutes in. One nil down. Sixes and sevens. Heavy rain. No atmosphere. Good save. Good save. Good save. Where's the defence. Under the cosh. HT. 0-1.

Another pint. Chat. Swear. Laugh. We're 4-4-2. Look comfortable. Look very comfortable. Look better. Than them. Giving them a game. Might get back into this. Through ball. Rakish on it. Square pass. Fenwick. FENWICK. YES. Bouncing. Bobbing. On the stairs. Swear. Cheer. One all.

On top. Going forward. They're League One. We're League Two. But we're at home. We're better. Ooooooh. Close. Flashed by. Atmosphere now. Swear. Clap. Shout. Pools!

3 mins added. One on one. Save. Swear. Corner. Tenth. Need 11. Bet off. Whistle. FT. 1-1. Penalties. Our end. Their keeper. Boo. Goal (us). Cheer. Wave arms. Shout. Goal (them). Quiet. Miss (us). Swear. Blast it. Next time. Wave arms. Goal (them). Swear. Only going one way. Ends 3-4. Out. Again. Still. Some positives. Value for money.

It's a simple game.

Tuesday, 1 September 2015

Hat Weather

It's the first of September. Officially Autumn. Hat season. So let's celebrate with some high profile hattage...

Friday, 21 August 2015

Football Map

There's no place like home. Dorothy knew it. She must've known there's no place like your football clubs home either, as she (well, We Are Dorothy) has recreated the names of British football stadia into a quirky map. So she'll be able to find her way from Oz to Carrow Road.

Over 500 names are included, the majority famous football grounds but also 'map-tly' named training grounds (i.e Platt Lane), club names (Nottingham Forest) and players (David Rocastle). Hartlepool are represented twice with Victoria Park and Rink End making an appearance.

It's an inspired walkthrough famous names and places of British football. Available for £25 which given the match day prices for the majority of stadiums is a bargain.

Monday, 10 August 2015

Casual Co-op

The Overlook. That hat sought the world over from horror film fans to your above average dresser at Nottingham Forest. Anyway I've got one and it'll piss you off threefold -

1) Given the inflation busting prices on eBay I got this for mates rates (a score) via CC forum.

2) I've never seen The Shining.

3) I'll probably hardly wear it.

Anyway I've got one so hatters keep hating.

Next up not such a success story. Been after a grey sweat for a bit and when the chance came for a Lazyitis sweatshirt I was on it quicker than you could say Wimoweh. However the XL is still a bit snug so it's listed in the GoodNorthern shop. Fastest fingers first. Still worth posting about though on this Happy Monday...

And finally to complete the CC love in a bit pin badge love - even more so as This Thing of Ours a freebie from Mr Love himself Hess the Horse. To complete the rout the recently-pulled-due-to-a-potential-court-injunction-and-now-rarer-than-a-green-edger-on-a-Nick-Love-Generation-wannabe Dead Hard pin. The funny thing is I'm not, it says I am. Now that I've mentioned I'm not (even though it says I am), must be terribly post modern...