Friday, 19 July 2013

Saturday, 13 July 2013

United Colours

My weakness when it comes to gear has always been a quality shirting. Or two or three more quality shirtings. Anyway this smart effort by Benetton fits the bill. Easy going lightweight summer design with no visible branding. Not a button down as is my usual preference for shirts but you can't have everything. But for everything else there's Benetton.

Thursday, 11 July 2013

Going to The Match

I love the art of LS Lowry. The complexity within the simplicity of his work. The wife presented me with a print of his classic 'Going to The Match' and it's just taken pride of place in the lounge. Love the hoardes of individuals coming together at Burden Park as one. Going to the ground first with your dad, then mates and then with a son of your own, the match going ritual is no different today than it was when Lowry sketched Bolton's loyal faithful here. We march expectant with anticipation of an afternoon's entertainment, then either bounce or trudge home at teatime result depending. This example of Lowry depicts the soul of football for me - the fans. They're the most important thing, hence his focus on them. If they're the soul, then the ground is the cathedral and that comes second (hence only half of Burden in view). And then it's the players. Where are they in this pic? No where. They should remember that.