Sunday, 27 January 2013

Same Old Subbuteo Brand New Kits

Remember when you got your first ever subbuteo? Two teams in generic red/white and blue/white. Arsenal/Nottingham Forest/Crewe etc vs. Wigan Athletic/Cardiff City/Macclesfield Town etc. Plain templates that could represent any team in those said colours. But the detail wasn't there. Even the 'real' Manchester United's sold separately was just the same but with 'SHARP' stamped on the front. They were better but not that realistic.

So if you want realism in miniature footballing form then visit a certain Mr Terry Lee and his glorious Subbuteo Art website - They have a vast range of full teams that are hand painted in the very latest colourways, individual models of footballing legends and single pieces of memorable footballing events - Hazard kicks ballboy being my personal favourite. 

Well worth a look (but don't touch and keep pristine in the box)...

Hazard 2013
Premier League 2012

George Best

Africa Cup of Nations 2012

Higuita 1995
Man City

Thursday, 24 January 2013


This Manchester based shirt making company have been on my radar for a long long while. But I've only just got round to purchasing my first ever one and consider myself to have wasted valuable time. I know tuktuk pride themselves on making quality shirts at reasonable prices, which they are, but being a thrifty type I prefer to wait for sales. And the last two years I've missed out as being a bigger gent these sizes tend to go first. Well not this time. Picked up this beautiful blue combi check - wonderfully crafted and a smashing fit -  in the required size 5 for just over £25. Love the slight brushed cotton effect and breast pocket with contrasting red button. Easily the best shirt in my wardrobe and for a sum that didn't break the bank.

Sunday, 20 January 2013

Gingham Shirt Factory

A little venture by gents shirting staple Ben Sherman in early 2012, they looked to make the gingham check their own by creating the 'Gingham Shirt Factory'. It seems quite logical as Ben Sherman have been churning out gingham design for some time, so they gave themselves the brief  ''to design a range of Gingham shirts, whereby we would deconstruct, reform and ultimately redefine the Gingham shirt.  The final outcome is a collection of truly innovative and contemporary shirts that celebrate our heritage and a relationship close to our hearts''.

I certainly don't disagree as I became the proud owner of a white and pink effort over Christmas. Quality shines through with just a slight edge to make an ordinary shirt stand out - in this the shade of pink on the collar is a touch darker than on the rest of the shirt. Just enough to add a certain I don't know what.

Monday, 14 January 2013

The 72 Review

Was recently approached by another blog to provide some wise words on Hartlepool United's current demise. That made me feel special. It's one thing to spout dribble and talk bollocks on your own personal corner of the web, but to do it on someone else's is a dream come true.

The blog itself is The Football League Fans of the 72, concentrating on the happenings below the top 20 elite. A good thing in my book. Anyway, their latest feature is to ask fans their thoughts and opinions on the season so far. An epic feat with 71 others to be interviewed, but I dare say no one will be as blunt as me.

You can view my rather pessimistic ramblings here